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Octamed soundstudio

OctaMED Soundstudio c (Amiga, now freeware) - MED Soundstudio ( Windows). Operating system ยท AmigaOS, Windows. Website, www. altereussit.com OctaMED is a popular sound tracker for the Commodore Amiga, written by Teijo Kinnunen. History - Notable users. 28 Nov - 5 min - Uploaded by Tero Kuortamo Showing and testing Amiga and OctaMED with midi through my mixer. Amiga CF. 13 May - 65 min - Uploaded by xo1d Gear: Amiga - Datel MIDI Master - Homemade 8bit Stereo Sampler - KORG EM1.

Publisher: RBF Software. Developer: Teijo Kinnanen. Genre: Music. Published in: Disks: 2. Compatibility: Fellow (): FellowECS UAE (). Short: Octamed SoundStudio, now Freeware. Author: Teijo Kinunnen, teijo. kinunnen at altereussit.com Uploader: Jeroen van Aart, amorel xs4all nl. Type: mus/edit. Some very welcome news was posted by RBF Software on the OctaMED-Amiga mailing list recently that the Amiga version of OctaMED SoundStudio, arguably.

MED Soundstudio v for Windows 7/Vista/XP/ - Amiga Music Editor/ Tracker. What I'm missing mostly at Octamed Soundstudio as it is. All of this background is so that you'll understand just how unbelievable OctaMED SoundStudio is. OSS has shattered the Amiga's 4 channel barrier, samples at. Octamed Soundstudio is nearing completion! For full planned release details and to see the progress so far, why not d/l the latest "beta" demo that has been.

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