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Ms visual interdev

Microsoft Visual InterDev, part of Microsoft Visual Studio 97 and , is an IDE used to create web applications using Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP). Visual InterDev is Microsoft's development tool for building a dynamic, data- driven Web site. Whereas Microsoft's FrontPage is an HTML editor aimed at letting. In Visual InterDev, you can easily create a new Web on a Web server, create new If you are familiar with creating Visual Basic or Microsoft Access applications.

Microsoft's Visual InterDev raises the standard for Internet and intranet applications to a new level. This product includes many new features—such as. While the first version of Visual InterDev promised to be “Visual Basic for the web, ” it wasn't until the second release that Microsoft really. 20 years ago, I was heavily invested in Microsoft's developer stack. Here's my overview of the release of Visual InterDev , which was.

In this software review we take a look at Visual InterDev Visual InterDev was Microsoft's first real attempt at a web development tool. View full Microsoft Visual InterDev specs on CNET. Inside Microsoft Visual Interdev presents the inside story on: - Creating dynamic Web sites with powerful database connectivity options -- Increasing your. Programming Microsoft Visual InterDev ,, (isbn , ean ), by Evans N. D., Miller K., Spencer K.

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