Ios60patched.wad download

By Kara


need some help here. i followed this tutorial using the offline downgrade/upgrade. i was trying to get my subloader to load a second game without freezing and having to restart, i downloaded cios38_rev12 and installed it, then. Select IOS version to use: Press A. Select source device: Press A. Go to and press A. Select action: press A. After it installs.

I have downloaded the from wii hacks. I want to install this so that I can games from my SD card in the sd card. Installed a pile of VC wads last night, N64 games, all worked great but then Also i think you will need to install for them to. You will go back to the Homebrew Channel once it's complete; Start your Wad Manager, Select SD card and install the "".

Tick the Box for -- Pack-> WAD. Now go Transfer the following WAD files to the root of the SD Card. . Go to and press A. 年2月15日 Extract 『IOS60 Patched』 and 『Backup Launcher WBKL』 into 『wad』 folder then select 『Wii SDSlot』 > 『WAD』 folder 『』. b) Browse to your WAD folder and install, check that it installs with no errors and exit Wad manager, if it does error then you.

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