Valygar romance mod download

By Vokree

Valygar romance mod

Corthala Romantique - Valygar Romance - posted in Miscellaneous Released Mods: Corthala Romantique - Valygar Romance for BGII. I notice every time I take Valygar with me in the party that his I believe the Romantic Encounters mod for BGII added a bit of romance for. [IMG] I checked the mods to see if anyone at added a romance for a female PC with Valygar. No luck. I don't know how to write mods. I really.

valygar romance - posted in Mega Mod Help: I play with the mod tortured souls, ans i'm in a relationship with valygar. I have to resuscitate him. Hi, I'd like to say first that Tortured Souls is a wonderful mod. in order, Valygar won't initiate a romance dialogue with my female PC. If anyone is interested to adopt Val's Romance, please give me a .. SoA series of romantic lovetalks for Valygar in Romantic Encounters mod.

Can anyone with mod experience make a suggestion? Is there a decent thief mod out there for me? What about a Valygar romance?. He's talking about an unofficial romance mod to ToB involving Valygar, to give our female gamers another option from Anomen. This is still fairly. There's also a Angelo mod (Sarevok's henchman from BG1) who's And the Tortured Souls mod has a different Valygar romance and Sime. I also want Valygar in there (there IS a romance mod for him out there, right?). So thus far, I have the following: CHARNAME (Cavalier).

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